Endoscopic Instruments
Our products are manufactured with the utmost care, guaranteeing a safe and precise function. As a manufacturer of endoscopy accessories, we manufacture flexible biopsy and foreign body forceps that are used in bronchoscopy, gastroscopy, colonoscopy and urology.

  • Biopsy forceps
  • Foreign body forceps

Due to the wide variety of options for working ends on our instruments, only a small selection of the most common versions is shown here. All instruments are autoclavable.

insto Stoffel Medizintechnik Endoscopic Instruments product spectrum

Our microsurgery products are manufactured with the utmost care and thus guarantee a safe and precise function. Range of application: plastic surgery, hand surgery, cardiac surgery, vascular surgery, transplantation, gynecology, ophthalmology.

  • Needle holder
  • Scissors
  • Tweezers
  • Blade holder
  • Clamps and applying tweezers
  • Instrument sets
  • Hand Table Set
  • Flat Handle Tweezers

Our needle holders, scissors, tweezers and blade holders are autoclavable.

Hand set for hand surgery
The hand table allows the doctor a quick and secure fixation of the hand. This positioning does not require any assistance, which allows unhindered work.

insto Stoffel Medizintechnik Microsurgery product spectrum

Clamps and Applying Forceps
Micro vascular clamps are used to disconnect vessels. The clamps meet all requirements for use in micro-surgery:

  • high quality chrome steel alloy
  • electronically adjusted pressure
  • every instrument is tested
  • Inside with overgrip against sliding out

Micro vascular clamps and applying tweezers
For clamps size 1, 2 and 3 to fit the applicator tweezers there is a groove at the end of the clamps integrated. The clamp sits securely in the tweezers through this groove so that it can be applied to any plane of movement without the risk of slipping. All instruments are autoclavable.

insto Stoffel Medizintechnik Clamps and Applying Forceps product spectrum
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